Waste MisManagement

The garbage man got more than he bargained for yesterday morning. He had to see the most worn out nasty thread bare underwear I own.
Not because I threw them away, nooo.
Instead because I heard the truck at the neighbors house and I had not put out our cans last night. Like a ninja I jumped out of bed without shaking the crib enough to wake the baby, flew out the bedroom only stepping on one dog (just her ear and part of her hind leg) I flagged down the recycle truck just in time but he didn’t make eye contact at all. Not that I wanted eye contact, I’m not that weird. Well maybe I am.
Why does recycle have to show up so early? On a good note, at least it’s early enough that no kids are lining up at the bus stop.Placeholder ImageEVER!
So I grab the garbage can and get it to the street also. I run back in the house to collect any lingering diapers that perhaps never made it out yet, throw on a T-shirt, and add those aforementioned hole tattered under britches to the diaper collection. Lucky for me, the outfit change was in time. On my return trip to the street the kids were all lined up.

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