Weird Date Night

Earlier this month was my 8th year anniversary of marriage. We have 2 children in diapers and, well, didn’t get the opportunity to celebrate until today.
Side note – we also have been fighting like only people that really love each other can fight. You know what I’m talking about… hitting nerves you know hurt, just to let the other know you were hurt by what was just said… two tired parents that don’t have enough alone time with each other that started to think alone time with each other might be unbearable.

Well here’s how we patched our crap up.

I started the year donating half my closet to the local thrift store. I’m a bit of a hoarder and had T-shirts from high school and even before. So I decided to keep 5 nostalgic shirts and give away the others. Of course this triggered a mass clean up around the house. THIS IS NOT A RESOLUTION, THESE ARE DECISIONS. that statement is for me. Deal with it.

One of the decisions we made was to eat at a table. We’ve had a table or two before but never really used them other that Thanksgiving dinner, so we thought to use the space for an office. Well now days an office is old fashioned and we now have kids. Time to go back to using the dining room for dining.

On our date today we decided to thrift shop for a dining room project. Totally not afraid to bring back a good bones table and chairs combo, I mean C’Mon we’ve seen enough Fixer Upper and Flea Market Flip episodes to be experts by now, right?

Our first stop was the Goodwill outlet store. While looking for a place to park all we see is this lady in black and white – leave nothing to the imagination – leggings, heart shaped sunglasses guarding a cart full of clothes, not bagged. Did she just walk out with these and sit and wait for a ride??? We drive past and find a parking spot. OMG-WTF. So in lieu of having priced items on hangers and rows, they sell crap by the pound EXACTLY like it is donated. Big bins of closets emptied with kitchens combined with that crazy beer cap collection buried in the mix. If a guy had the patience and gag reflex to handle the digging process I’m sure you could find an amazing wardrobe for $.59 a pound. Jodi was a sport and walked a lap around with me. I saw her hyperventilate twice before we saw the fourth bin. There were no tables to look at.

We couldn’t walk out of there fast enough. “Next stop a thrift store with hangers and shit.” Exactly what I said walking to the car, followed with, “Next time you are feeling down in the dumps, I’m sending you here.” I’m sure a ton of people have found amazing treasures here, but eww.

We stop at a couple more second hand stores and don’t find anything worth writing about. Oh, except one outfit I picked out. You know Disco Stew from THE SIMPSONS? Yeah I found an amazing silk paisley shirt (it could almost qualify as a blouse) and pearly white pants along with an old pair of FLORSHEIM heeled boots. I really should have put on the ensemble and paraded around the store, but I chickened out.

Hunger starts to set in so our hunt for food began. Not long after deciding to eat, we drive past a bar that has a pinball machine in the window and an old couple REALLY getting into the game. I mean tilt warning aggressiveness. Now if you’ve read any of my stories, you know I can’t pass up old folks having fun like they’re in their 20’s. This is where we are eating! there’s a hockey game in Everett so I found a parking spot 4 and a half blocks away.

This place is different. The cute old farts drinking BUDWEISER drafts and dumping quarters into the pinball machine got me in there, but the chain link dividers separating the dance floor from the dining and bar aren’t as inviting! Immediately Jodi goes to the bathroom to wash her hands. I grab a table and order drinks. All in all there’s about a dozen people in the place, one of them being a rather strange dude sucking down PBR tall boys and occasionally laughing hysterically at the bricks or napkin holder or who knows what. It was probably the napkin holder, I checked mine and it was advertising a girls night out featuring a male dance troupe that appeared like they don’t have many cheat days on the diet plan. I walk past the skateboard wall and head to wash my hands as well. WOW, the chain link decor is used in the toilet as well! Those little vinyl slats in a fence is what separates the toilet from the urinal. I must be getting old, in my twenties I probably would have sought out a joint like this, today I’m glad it’s not busy!

We ate and moved on, wasn’t as charmed as I hoped. I did enjoy the two beers I drank there, and put they me in a bit of a silly mood. We walked the next thrift store thoroughly, looked at the vhs tapes, books, artwork and on to the knick knack aisles. I saw an old bell and decided to annoy Jodi by ringing it like a servant’s call. So as we walk up to it I say “Hey Jo…” I pick up the bell and shake the living hell out of it, unfortunately there was no string or clapper inside the dang thing. Jodi found my disappointed face irresistibly hilarious. “You could end all fights we ever had just by ringing that bell!” she said between gut laugh breathes. So now I own a broken bell.

We never found the right table and chairs, but we found humor, we found each other again. It’s awesome being parents and our kids are worth every second we have to spend with them, but every once in a while it is really nice to connect with your other half and enjoy a few hours of just “us time”.

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