So that’s where it goes. 

My daughter is getting darn close to a year old. She walks, she talks (a few English words), and she definitely has a little silly personality. A spark in her eyes exposes her understanding that some of her actions are “no-no’s.”

Keenan is approaching 3 years. Time is flying by. He mastered the big slide at the park, knows his letters and numbers, and is almost ready for potty training. 

Having 2 little ones brings us amazing joy, frustrated moments, hilarious gut laughs, and emotional reflections. 

I saw a bunch of teenagers walking through a grocery store a couple weeks ago wearing shirts with “Seniors Rule” slogans printed on them. It triggered me to do the math… I’ll be able to celebrate senior skip day with the kiddos. 20% off our IHOP pancakes sucka! There’s no way I’ll be cool enough for them, but the thought is nice. 

Keenan loves cars. He can play with hot wheels for weeks on end. Sometimes, wait, most times he takes the favorite car of the day to bed with him. It’s pretty cute, he tucks them in by turning them upside down and telling them night night. 

Hattie packs around letters. Not the type that come in the mail, I’m talking refrigerator magnets or foam bath time play toys. The foam ones are also great teethers too, every last one has 3 teeth marks on each side. Her attention span is roughly 9-10 wobbly steps. Once that trek is over, she’ll drop her letter in the laundry basket, pick up a sock, penguin march to the toy bin to trade the sock for a stuffed elephant, and so on and so on. 

I fear every day that in place of my car keys, I find a leap frog “K”. So far I’ve had luck on my favor. There have been interesting places we’ve found these guys. Mom’s makeup drawer, the crisper in the fridge, in the vinyl records, diaper bags, and of course behind the toilet. I’m still confused on what the trade off was on that one. 

There is absolutely no explanation on why what happened came as a shock to me, should have seen it coming. 

I folded a load of laundry while the dryer was getting through its second load. A lot of Hattie’s clothes are hand-me-downs from Keenan so I am literally searching for the sizes on anything that’s not pink. By the time all but about half a dozen socks are sorted, the buzzer lets me know the dryer cycle is over. I start pulling out the sheets. How in the hell are you supposed to fold a fitted sheet? I got two of the elastic corners in my left hand and yank pretty hard to free the others from the dryer. 

Out. Cold. 

According to the audiobook I was only gone for half a chapter. On the floor next to me I finally found Keenan’s red car he’s been looking for and that missing R from the fridge. 

The minion band-aid goes great with the paisley tie, right?

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