It’s all about timing. 

I caught, in my peripheral vision, a dude slam the brake pedal on his already stopped and parked car. 

Just as he was parking, I began backing out of my spot. His body language clearly demonstrated his instant panic attack. It’s funny because I’ve been there, you think you have parked but there is just enough thought noise in your mind to cloud the memory of half a second ago when you “feel” yourself still moving forward due to the car next to you moving backward. 

I had almost made it out of the lot before I laughed pretty hard about this incident. There is enough mind noise going on in my head to delay my reactions. 

Here’s part of that noise: The other day I was trying to explain a personality to my wife. I have the honor to work with amazing and very diverse groups of people, from customers to colleagues everyone has a story to tell and getting them to tell me those stories are the best part of my day. Every once in a while you run into bat shit crazy in human form. Only calling this person BSC doesn’t do justice, so I came up with the following description:

“You ever watch the news after a very local, tragic event causes camera crews searching for eyewitness accounts? You know how they always find the one person whose reactions are so far out there it’s ridiculous? The hide yo wife guy? The big bottle blond Kung Fu momma? Well this person was on KOMO 4 news twice last year.”

I don’t know if I’ve ever read, let alone wrote a better character description in my life. I’m going to use that one in a book sometime. 

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