Raisin right 

Yesterday I accidentally found out how funny the word buttcheek is to a two year old. 

I said it fast to Jodi. I thought my son was asleep on the recliner, all of the sudden the guttural laugh usually reserved for belly tickles erupted from under the no sew Mariners blanket. He peaks his head out and says “buh theek!”

I go, “Budda budda buttcheek”

He laughs again. 

In an ascending sing-song tone, “Budda budda budda budda… buttcheek🎶”

Donkey laugh, I feel like I might be the funniest man that ever walked this green earth. We go at this for longer than his nap would have been when sissy wakes up. We all get dressed to hit up the park. 

We walked with the cousins down to the basketball courts first, this is where I find out that for some reason the gate and cyclone fence is a bit to claustrophobic for Keenan today. Hattie has no problem but we leave the cousins with grandma-ma and head up to the park park. Way more fun for toddlers than a 10 foot basketball hoop anyway. Both kids amaze me how quickly they master obstacles on the playground equipment. It says for ages 5+, so my kids must be geniuses. ​

Hattie was eating rocks or dirt or something during this video, totally fine! 

When we got home, it was well overdue for nap time. Keenan crawls into bed and calls for his milk cup every bed time. Today the call is a little different. 

“Daddy ”


“Keenan wants Milk cup Daaa-

Butt cheek!”

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