Forever Grateful 

My mother in law is the first to jump in to help in every situation. A couple health scares brought her up from Arizona a bit early, one of these happened to be Jodi’s surgery. We need help caring for the kids and post op Jodi. These are 2 very strong, very stubborn women in the same house. The only people that hate the tension more than these two are their respective spouses. Okay I admit, sometimes disrepective spouses is more appropriate. However, I could never repay the debt we owe to your help and care in every aspect of our day to day lives. I am forever grateful. 

We spent more than a day at the hospital with 0.0 sleep. I texted my mom early in the morning asking for help. I had no idea she was halfway to eastern Washington. I would have found a babysitter, but thank you so very much Mom for turning around and sitting in my living room for the whole day and allowing the household to catch up on some Zs. I am forever grateful for that and a billion more reasons. 

Post surgery meal trains are an amazing idea. I will always be in debt to those who helped us out this week. Your character stands out. I will be the first to volunteer a dinner to anyone I care about from this experience. 

Aunt Jenny brought over enchiladas over the weekend, they were freaking amazing. Fed the crew and then some! Grandma sent a couple servings back with the dish. That must have triggered Jodi’s memory about this whole train thing, cause she quickly acted and got the info from my cousin Alexis. Next thing I know, delicious dinners arriving every night. Thank you Jenny, you are a no-nonsense go-getting machine that inspires others to take action. I’m forever grateful. 

It’s such an easy simple thing to do, and yet so helpful and appreciated. The stress of feeding the family was completely lifted when a million other stressors were hitting us daily. 

I mean it, forever grateful. You were the first to jump in when my family asked for help. I love you for that. 

Tuesday I was nominated for an award at work. It meant not coming home until nearly 10 P. M. I got home to find Aunt Kimmie still here. I know she walked into my home with positive vibes and warm feelings. Oh, and pretty freaking good tortilla soup too! I love the aura you bring into every place you enter Kim. Thank you for all the positive influences you bring us. I’m forever grateful. 

Wednesday came around, Christina spoiled us. First off, little Grace is about as cute and cuddly as anyone can handle. Once Hattie warmed up she was loving the face licks, Grace is a tiny little dog by the way. Like really tiny. I’ve had thoughts that weigh more than this dog. Our conversation kept me laughing through Thursday. And yes I will run in those pants any day. 

Christina made to-die-for lasagna and fab cheese bread. Keenan usually fights dinner a bit, but saw what I dished Hattie on the high chair and quickly sat at the kid table and asked for “cool nummies” they were in fact nummy and pretty cool too! I ate my weight in lasagna, and didn’t leave room for her cheesecake. Jodi told me it was the bomb cake though. 

You mentioned how we ought to extend this train another week, I don’t think my belt could take it! I really do appreciate your friendship and generosity, guess what, I’m forever grateful. And I see a babysitter position opening up soon!

Cousin Karlyn I’m sorry I missed your visit. By the time I got home the driveway was already carrying the scent of bacon, I could tell this would be satisfying. I am a sucker for meat loaf, you top it with bacon and I’m done. The whole dinner was perfect, Caesar salad, baked potatoes, incredible green bean dish and the meat loaf that gave me the meat sweats! I must compliment your apple crisp as well. I regrettably ate about 3 servings.  We are so lucky to have the best family! I am forever grateful to you! We all love you and your adorable family. 

Over the last year or so, the gym has become a happy place for us. I’ve written a few anecdotes about this club. There is a real community there and my TRX coach signed up to deliver us dinner on Friday night. I haven’t made it to class in a while, after this week I need it more than ever! Christina and Tatum visited for a bit, and the kids were super quick to warm up to them. Hattie stole the fidgety spinning thingamajig from Tatum. Keenan was showing off by asking to be upside down the whole time. 

Let me tell you how amazing this quinoa chicken salad is that Christina brought! I had dished up the kiddos and Jodi before getting myself a plate from the cupboard, Jodi had already asked me if I’d tried it yet. Her first couple bites had already told me this was going to be a rave review! I devoured two helpings before cleaning up the baby. I was explaining edamame to Keenan, he pointed to Jodi and told me mommy is right there. Hattie freaking loves rice crispy treats by the way!

Jodi’s folks were out when we ate, so we were busy corralling the littles into pajamas when they dug into the dish. Now Johnny likes a good meal, but a couple months ago while at spring training at their house Jodi and I brought home a spinach artichoke pizza and he was quick to ask what it was called to be sure never to order it on accident. So I was a little shocked when he took a break from scarfing down a plate to call it “not half bad!” 

“What is that little round stuff anyways?” “Huh, I’m surprised I liked something so healthy.”

Not only do you inspire me in the gym, you got me to run my first race, and now you’ve broadened the palate of a tough customer! We are forever grateful to the Carbajals. Thank you for all your positive influences and especially for kicking my butt every Monday I can make it to!

So Saturday rolls around and I realize that Sarah signed up for the day that we are celebrating Keenan’s 3rd birthday. I text her letting her know that she doesn’t have to bring a dinner, we are having family over and it’ll be a house full. Her response was:

What a great person! She volunteers to pitch in some key ingredients to a taco bar party. Sarah and Eddie garden, can, and make awesome BBQ sauces and salsas and are uber generous with sharing the fruits of their labor. I’m looking forward to the salsa tonight. 

Side note- the BBQ sauce she gave me last go around was de-friggen-liscious. I make veggie wraps with BBQ onions and stir fried whatever is in the fridge vegetables, put them together with a pickle slice on a tortilla and they are yum yum yum. I used the BBQ sauce and never even gave it a second thought before dishing up the kids. After they have a plate in front of them I can assemble the rest of the wraps. Hattie occasionally makes coughing sounds to get attention, but these sounds are slightly different. I get to the high chair to find her frantically brushing her tongue with the meaty part of her palm. I taste one of the onions and realized the sauce has a hint of pepper. Like ghost pepper. I doused poor Hattie with milk, sour cream, ketchup… it’s starting to look like the diner scene in Dumb & Dumber. She liked the second batch made with KC Masterpiece. 

Sarah, thank you so much. You guys are the best, I look forward to more farm days and shenanigans. I’m forever grateful for your friendship and kind heart. I love reconnecting. 

Stacey came a couple hours after Sarah. She sat outside with Jodi and a rotation of the rest of our family for an hour or two, maybe longer, I don’t know. It’s nice to have someone else to chit chat with, I know Jodi needed that. Story swapping and discussing the goings on around here is the best therapy sometimes. For that time alone I’m forever grateful to you!

I know the chili tomorrow night will be outstanding, Keenan hasn’t seen the corn bread in cupcake cups, it’s a newly found favorite for him. I’ve hid them well for tonight! I’m super happy to see how well you and Matt are doing, you’ve always been great great friends. 

Over the last week, an outpouring of love and support has overwhelmed my family. I get a little emotional thinking about all your help and generosity. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in our small little box of everyday life and fail to see all the people around us that love and care about us. 

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Johnnie is goona miss the dinner train! We have had pretty amazing lunch breaks around these parts. I love my circle of friends, and am forever grateful. 

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