True Black is Better Black

I felt a tickle on my nose so I brushed it with my pointer finger. When I checked what it was I saw a humongous multicolored booger. I am not going to lie, it frightened me a little. 

I used my thumb to maneuver it too the tip of my finger. Using my middle finger, I rolled down my window. I was at a red light. First flick and it sailed. 

Next to me at the light was a shiny black Lexus. So black, so shiny, the greens and the reds of said booger really stood out. I had to chuckle, I’d have felt pretty bad if it would have landed 6 inches higher and went through the open passenger window. 

Here I thought those tv salesman pitching darker black screens were full of it, but I gotta tell you, my boog looked amazing. 

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