“I never knew Josh was into …”

Last week I moved. The move was literally a backyard move, my old living room is directly in sight of my new kitchen. We gained an amazing yard. But that’s not the story I’m about to tell. 

About 7 years ago, my wife wakes up at 3 a.m. smelling smoke. I get out of bed to check out the house with my typical “you’re flipping bat-shit crazy” attitude. I’m frankly pissed that I have to get up. I get into the kitchen when I too smell it. Just beyond the kitchen is our laundry room, there’s a vent in the ceiling and I see orange flickering lights through that vent.  

I destroyed the vent to get into the attic while yelling down to Jodi that I see fire, call 911 and get the dogs out. We have an extinguisher under the kitchen sink, I empty it through the tiny vent hole I’m standing thru. 

It was less than a year prior that we witnessed a neighbor home completely engulfed in flames. The damage was intense. It’s fresh in our minds, I’m standing on our washing machine spraying a Costco fire extinguisher in the attic, Jodi moves our cars so they don’t melt. 

I can clearly see the truss burning in front of me. I kill the flames as I hear Jodi telling me that the operator is saying we need to clear out. I’m agreeing, I’m sure I just killed the fire. 

First truck was there in a matter of minutes. I pointed the spot I saw flames last. This guy pulled out the chainsaw of all chainsaws and gave my house an instant courtyard. As soon as the roof fell in it looked like Backdraft. 

Flames shot out that whole along with the attic vent and a couple bird blocks. My next door neighbor Chris calls my cell “Dude, I think your house is burning up” 

“Thanks bud, I’m in your driveway watching, got any jiffy pop?”

Long story short, electric fire. They contained the flames and shut off our power connection. The fire chief gives me his number before condemning the building. He tells me to schedule a time to collect my belongings. 

The laundry room was trashed but the fire never really hit any other room, I had a few hours to grab all my belongings and truck them to a storage unit. I luckily have a shit ton of friends that will drop everything to help a friend out. 

I am blessed. 

When you know your moving you box up your belongings over time. When it’s sudden, you fill boxes with whatever is in sight and label a third of the boxes. 

I was working on the kitchen stuff, Jodi was packing our clothes, our network was grabbing the big stuff (couches, tables, furniture etc.) 

The Jeremys tackled the master bedroom. Started with the bed set, I had a queen mattress. They cleared the room quickly. In the corner was my entertainment stand. Tube tv, vcr/DVD combo player so on and so on. When they lift up the console, a DVD case slips out. 

Jeremy 1: “Hmm, <Menagerie day tree-oss> phonetic spelling. I never knew Josh was into Hispanic chicks!”

Jeremy 2: dropped his half of the console. 

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