In a pinch 

It was a long week. On Wednesday, the kiddos needed to get out, and our yard was commandeered by the roofers. I had just commuted a dreadful interstate 5. So prior to the park, daddy prepped a park punch. 

Clearly my cocktail ingredients are not “skinny tie and suspenders” material. I’ve been doing beards for years, but the bun ain’t goona happen. Douche knot. Instead, roll with the available pantry and fridge supplies of a daycare. I used a wine glass for the impromptu photo shoot, it was swapped out for a solo cup for the walk to the park. 

There’s where I discovered I need to improve my park cocktail game. Every single person knows that the dude at the park with a solo cup ain’t drinking a kale smoothie. I need to get an iced tea from Starbucks and reuse that cup. No one judges the teetotaler. 

Okay, on to the recipe:

Two – two and a half fingers of el Jimador silver tequila. That’s Spanish for the Jimador. 

Half a sippy cup of Mott’s  apple juice. Try to filter out the goldfish cracker crumbs if possible. 

1 or 2 lemon slices. Notice I said slices, not wedge, who wedges?


Grab your to-go cup and add ice. Explain to your 3 year old he needs to put on shorts before flip flops. 

Grab the tequila bottle from the toddler, wait, that’s cute, take her picture. Text it to papa. Now pour a couple fingers of tequila in the cup. 

Dump the sippy, help with the shorts. Flip on the flip flops… great job so far. 

Sissy pooped. Change the diaper, cut the lemon, no wait, wash your hands then cut the lemon. 

Pack the kids into the stroller, and walk with your head high, you did it. And when you see that other dad swinging his kids with a solo cup in hand, well, don’t judge, teach!

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