August 26th

This is the vacation I’ve been waiting for. 

I’m off until after Labor Day and I like it. However, I packed a weekend into the mix. 

We start off with the bubble walk. Yes I said walk, I wanted to run but no one else did. Here’s the premise: 

Tomorrow the entry fee goes to $50. No matter when you sign up. I got a message this morning telling me to act now, I fell for it. Everyone paid $20 to run. And the tactic works. A shit ton of people paid and ran(wait walked)

Trying to run it was so difficult, 8,000 walking egos can’t clear a lane. Now here’s the funny part, they issued race # and t shirts!!?

No tracking involved, do it yourself. If you want to struggle through it next time, just show up! This isn’t a race. It didn’t support the community. It got a lot of asses up and walking to selfie @ a half dozen soap machines. 

Toddlers hate the bubble tunnel. Don’t take them. Runners hate the walkers, don’t invite them. I am both a runner and a parent of toddlers, and I ran over at least 5 children in the bubbly chaos. Selfie sticks block traffic. This was the worst 5K for the dude who wanted to run with the nephew!

Soggy shoes and all, we finish and partied at the bubble stage. Loud music, bubble guns, and cameras, next year, u gotta start here & bypass the stupid bubble walk. 

We got bubble blasted like we were the Stay Puffed Marshmallow Guy…

Our plasma rays never crossed. 

The pull-up on Keenan hit capacity while I held him on my chest. He looked at me like I was the weird one. We ran back to the car to change. 

Oh Jodi…

En route to start time she hangs back to take her time or something. I take the stroller up and down the start chute. 

On my return visit I find Jodi balling. It seams she fell on the sidewalk and broke skin. Okay, she fell hard, but walking in flip flops, on old uneven sidewalks, paying attention to the walkers instead of the pavement… I feel bad. She was both hurt and embarrassed. Ugh. 

All said and done, we grab a bite at Wendy’s cause that’s where everyone else parked. The kids ran around a bit. Keenan used the potty. It was a good lunch. I mean, other than the tweaker out front. Talking to the invisible man about how rude the other invisible dude was.  I told the kids he was practicing his acting. 

We go home to wash up. Dried suds are gross feeling. Especially when it heats up a bit and you sweat out new bubbles. 

I take the kids over to the golf course in Marysville, there’s about 5 events going on. So I catch a buddy at the front and BS a bit. There also setting up for a rotary raffle and shrimp boil around the back of the restaurant. We make a quick loop around, not everything is set up but I see a few awesome prizes!! On our way back to the car I run into one of my customers. We chat, Keenan tells him about the bubbles and how Hattie didn’t like them, she went “waaaahh!” I translated the story (not everyone speaks 3 year old English)

I cruise by the store for veggies and dip. That’s what I’m supposed to bring to the fight night. You know the big ol boxing match that night! My uncle described it as a pillow fight. I had fun at my bro and sis’s house. Okay they’re in-laws but that sounds funny to me. Keenan brings his trucks to play in the dirt, I bring some whiskey to socialize with the boys. We talk fights, we talk food, we talk a little trash, it’s a great night!

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