Draft Day

Okay let’s be real here, I hosted this party for absolutely selfish reasons.
I hid the disclaimer that I would podcast in my invitation. Now truth is I doubt Ii got any valuable footage. But I have said from the beginning, I’m not here to create, I’m here to record!
1 thing I do know is that I looked down at my recorder and saw the paused recording screen too much.
I have awesome friends! They tell amazing stories, I work out my core by a strict laughing routine. If you need to break up your monotony core workout, I’m available, you plank, I tell you about my day! its okay to hit your knees, wait , this is the public version…
Back to my selfish bit…

I seriously thought I would capture the magic.

I didn’t, I was way too involved in the moment! I joked with friends, I connected to family, and I really engaged conversations with people I’ve lost touch with!
The more I dive into this podcast, the more I am aware of active listening and intelligent questioning.
My really close buddy told me recently that I ask more questions lately, I beamed with happiness.

#1 He was aware of active listening

#2 My active listening is getting noticed.

#3 He didn’t accept the offer of my last 2 Rainiers!
I tried pretty hard to capture the draft like we did a decade ago… before online drafting took over. We spent a whole night drinking and talking and swapping stories… now I might be the only one still doing all that… but its in front of a screen!
So was my podcast idea successful? NO! But, I got the majority of the crew over for conversation, laugh, and eat cheap freakin’ cheese out of a 7 pound can!
Oh, and I talked to a third grader about the clap…

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