Dancing naked on the rooftop during a snowstorm 

Oh, that got your attention?


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I had to get a few things down ’cause my heart just melted. 

Ever since my son was able to stand I’ve stood him in front of me and placed his little hand over his heart whenever we heard the Star Spangled Banner. A minute ago was the official start of the NFL season and I had the pregame on while cooking dinner. Maren Morris came on to sing a beautiful representation of the song. I came out to the living room and stood, hand on heart as always. Keenan didn’t say a word, but stood next to me mimicking my body language. He looked up at me every few seconds and never said a peep. After 🎵and the home of the brave. 🎶 I clapped and sat down. 

Keenan looked at me and asked “What’s that song, daddy?”

I don’t know why I was so choked up, but I barely got the words out and I totally reared up explaining that the song represents we are a free country, and we have rights and  privileges that a lot of people don’t. 

“Is daddy happy?” He saw me struggling to say that. 

“Yes son, I’m super-duper happy, I love you.”

Then I look over and see Hattie wiping her face with toilet paper she dipped into the toilet. 

The moment was over, my tears were no longer emotional, those were replaced with watery – gagging – dry heaving eyes. 

“Get that out of your mouth” should not be words said in the poop room. But they are said daily!

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