Pardon The Interruption

Podcast 5 was a couple weeks ago. I promise 6 is coming. 

I had a house full of health issues and had to cancel a scheduled sit down. It will take a while to reschedule. I also outgrew my limits on the plan I was on (free) for uploading these. Well after talking with a few people I aspire to be like, I’ve signed up for a new service and have expandable capabilities. 

Now I am back on track. I have a few podcasts set up that I’m super excited about! October will be awesome! 

Do you have someone in mind I should be talking to? Someone who inspires you? Someone that is a natural story teller? That super unique person that marches to their own beat? 

Get me in touch with interesting people. I want to learn from them, and I’ll bet that story is going to touch a few of you as well!

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