I’m Pretty Sure I’m Sorry 

I’m pretty sure I’m sorry. 

When ya wake up with blood soaked towels around you, 19 feet of medical tape, and a pound of gauze on your forehead… it’s safe to say that you’re sorry to everyone around.  Here’s the kicker, I have no clue what happened. 

It started with wine. 

We had spaghetti, so I had some wine. Then I had a friend come over. We had beer. Wait, we had whiskey. Oh we had both. We had a fantastic time. I think. 

I came to at 5 in the morning. I noticed my hands first. They’re caked in blood. ‘Jeez, what happened’ I think to myself. I get up and head to the kitchen for water. I see the first aid kit scattered on the counter. At this point I’m a little concerned. 

When I woke up there was an ice pack on my side, 2 & 2 starts to add up. I walk over to the bathroom mirror. O. M. G. I look like a movie prop. I’m not sure if this is a bloody nose, or what! I lift my hair off my forehead and see it. I have a 4 inch gash going up from my eyebrow to my hairline. 

Well it’s a work day, so I shower up and do my best to dress the wound. Jodi asks me what happened! I honestly don’t know. So she goes full CSI in the garage. Broken glass by the makeshift desk, knocked around shelf by the fridge, (Watching Dexter pays off here) blood splatter on the hot water tank, wall, and the oval pool of blood on the ground painted a pretty clear picture. 

I assume I broke the glass, tripped on the shelf, took a header to the platform the water tank sits on and must’ve stayed on the ground for a second. 

I drank too much for sure. 

Gotta get this in check. I have no switch that says ‘hey Josh, you’re good. Try having a water!’

I know I had help getting into the house, I sure was happy to hear from Justin the next morning. I was worried when I saw his truck wasn’t here. Then I realized how much of an ass I probably made of myself. Ugh! Idiot!

The fact that my bloody face sent Jodi into a panic attack doesn’t help any cause. I don’t react well to anxiety sober, when lit, I’m an asshole. Pretty sure I’m sorry Jodi. She actually thought I was beat up! 

Well, I’m listening to the recording, editing to the best of my ability… y’all now know what happened afterwards, episode 6 will be awesome. 

The most powerful team in real estate 

Live better with Kyani!

Turkey day fun run!


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