Speaking of Podcasts…

My venture into this realm has got me talking to a lot of people about podcasting. Plenty of people still are unaware of what podcasting is!

I’m only a handful of episodes deep, but nearly every conversation I have with not only guests, but listeners and you kind blog readers comes the question of “what podcasts do you listen to?”

Well, I thought I’d share my favorites with you!

The  Crabfeast


This episode in particular nearly killed me! I laugh big when I hear people giggle so hard they can’t talk, I tear up, I should have pulled off the highway to listen to this one!

The Joe Rogan Experience


Jocko Willink kicks ass every single day. His philosophy is inspirational, and motivational. I can’t help but admire the conversation flow between subjects. They cover war, mma, robots, pushing your mind and body…. I simply love this episode. 

The Cascade Hiker Podcast


In this episode, I was inspired to start my own podcast. I’d been dreaming about it a bit, but Heather & Josh lay out a basic plan of how-to that got me over the edge! Oh, & Rudy’s been a text away for advice also, still need to meet up bud!

The Art of Charm


This is part one of two awesome podcasts. Jack Barsky lived a double life as a KGB spy. He dealt with 2 separate families, can you imagine?

Up And Vanished


Cold case investigation of a murder in rural Georgia. This is episode 1 and the progression of this case is riveting. Payne Lindsey taps into the power of social technology to heat up a cold case!

The Bertcast


This is a bunch of guys sitting around getting silly, if I could emulate this kind of podcast I’d be hitting serious goals! Nearly 4 hours long, you either get it or don’t. 

Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History


If you have a cross country flight, a long road trip, or a project to get lost in… this is an amazing listen. Yes it’s a history lecture, but Dan does an amazing job at comparing acts of the past to current events. He dives deep into well known historical moments bringing up the lesser known chain of events leading up to them. I love the fact that one episode leads into the next. Invest in this if you enjoy a Ken Burns Doc!

Finally my plug,



First off, drink talk did take over a bit! I talk out my ass sometimes and I don’t really believe all the vaccination stuff I say near the end! But I’m stepping on the toes of this conversation. I’m super proud of this talk. Justin and I get deep and get silly. I’m beginning to get comfortable behind the mic, and getting someone to say “I don’t say this to anyone, cause they’ll run for the hills!” is my crowning achievement thus far! My heroes of talk radio refer to that moment. 
What episode is on your list? Comment here or on Facebook 

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