GTJ 16 Mark Matteson


Mark Matteson is an inspiring speaker and the author of the international bestseller, Freedom from Fear. For over 20 years, Mark’s positive humor and peak-performance tools have impacted organizations around the globe, igniting personal and professional success for tens of thousands of people.
He was gracious enough to meet me halfway between offices at a busy Starbucks to record a few stories! His goal setting habits are second to none and his books are full of impact compressed into a quick read! I read Freedom From Fear a few years ago and it changed my approach in everyday life! You can get Sparking Your Success free at
He gave me a copy of Freedom From Fat, his latest book designed to focus goal setting on your body and all the benefits that occur systematically from achieving those goals. I highly recommend these reads.

“Across The Divide” courtesy of Bradford Loomis.

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