Starting From Scratch – Elite Gunsmith Tells Us How

February 20, 2018 – Stanwood, WA

Kris Cantrell makes some of the best long range rifles in the world. Elite hunters around the globe are using his builds to harvest meat from two miles or more away. A humble start in 2010 making his personal rifle sparked the desire to create a legacy. There’s a lot of science involved, wind, gravity, and yes, curvature of our round planet. These renowned weapons are something special and it’s fascinating to know they’re built in our backyard.

Kris sits down with local podcast host Josh Minnick on the GoodTalkJosh Podcast and tells his origin story and a few details of some epic hunts he’s been a part of. Starting off with a few grand and a dream, he transforms a garage hobby into a private natural history museum!

Listen to the full interview here:

Cantrell Outdoors on GoodTalkJosh

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