So You’re Two Now

Hattie turns two years old today. She’s such a ham.

She’s both independent and nurturing. She loves keeping up with her older brother and can take him down from a neutral position most of the time. She cares for her dolls, she scoots on the Pooh scooter, she has a deep laugh and she pats your back when she’s upset or hurt.

It was just yesterday when the nurse cut a couple slits into the hospital beanie and then oragami’d a bow into it!

She loves to sing. She only knows some words to a few songs, but it never stops her from belting along with the song that’s on!

Her hair is wild, untamed, and grows baby bangs naturally! I swear! She giggles and squirms so often that the long hairs in back have no other option other than to stand up and out.

That’s my girl!

Hattie loves momma, but there are times when she is a total daddy’s girl. I’ll make sure I’m never too far away to comfort her in those moments.

Her spirit is inspiring. She’s outgoing at times, and reserved at others. She rarely stays shy for long and is fearless once warmed up.

I’m a proud dad. Both my kids mean the world to me.

Happy birthday Hattie,

Love Dad

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