Looking Back… Old Guy Thoughts

I bend the bill of my hat.

I cringe at the thought of foil on my molars.

I have built forts where there are now apartments.

I remember getting birthday cards in the mailbox.

I picked out Batman underoos from K-Mart. The cape Velcro lasted two wears, after that it was safety pinned.

I drank that weird soda with floating gelatin balls in it.

One year, on Christmas, I unwrapped a vcr. Which meant we didn’t have to borrow the suitcase sized one from the video store.

I still owe late fees to Blockbuster.

I climbed to the tippy top of a cedar tree.

I pierced my own ear. It got infected. I looked really cool!

My bicycle was the most important thing to pack on camping trips.

I swore I was going to always listen to pop music to stay cool.

I have purchased cassette singles in the paper sleeves. I used tape to block the tabs to record new songs off the top 10 count-down.

I could find a friends house by stopping by a pay phone and looking up the address in the phone book hanging.

My cereal had a toy in it.

I ate it out of a cool whip container at grandmas.

I enjoyed a meal sold by the Noid and Max Headrome.

I spun the outer ring to fine tune the UHF dial.

I use to know how to navigate a card catalog at the library. And I have searched through microfilm for an article.

I can still keep manual score at the bowling alley.

I spit into a ceramic bowl at the dentist.

I spent hours saying nothing on the phone that was tethered to the kitchen wall.

I have manually bagged ice at the grocery store for extra money.

That store had a break room you could smoke in.

Cigarettes that were either full flavor or lights.

I had a book of CDs stolen out of my vehicle, and was pissed off.

I graduated the D.A.R.E. Program and it was a black tie ceremony.

I survived the chicken pox.

I lost my family to dysentery a million times on the Oregon trail.

I once installed a K-40 whip antenna on my wood paneled Dodge Aires station wagon. Channel 17 got dirty on the weekends.

I got an AOL cd in the junk mail every Wednesday.

It took forever to download those still pics of Anne Marie Goddard on AOL dial up.

After paging someone, I’d hit *1013 so they’d know it was me.

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