GTJ 21 Is The Bud Tender Here?

Have you walked into a Recreational Marijuana shop yet?

It is mind blowing! I am not a smoker, or vaper, or whatever other method of delivery you can choose to partake in, but the selection and variety is tremendous and intimidating.

I get Randy over to give me a dumbed down basic version of Cannabis 101. We talk a bit on the variety of strains, the fuck is a dab, THC and CBD levels, and more!
From the get-go we relate the choices and selection to a wine buying experience, the nuances of fine wine are very comparable to artisan cannabis. The basic – just get the job done stuff is out there but you can also dive into a particular desired effect by playing with delivery method (edibles, smoke, vape, dab, lotion, tinctures…) and strains of plant (beyond indica and sativa).
This conversation could go on and on because there is so much to learn, but here is the starting point!

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