Pop Up Part 2 – GTJ 24

GTJ was invited to Wendy’s Eat Stay Love Sno Co Pop Up Gallery at the Fisherman’s Village Festival.


I had very little preparation and absolutely zero expectations going in. Well, I was floored! The moment I was set up the guests were lined up to talk. Comedians often refer to the club dates as “working out” as they are trying out new things and exploring how to properly deliver a message, I totally felt worked out after this event! ( I love that feeling BTW )
So here is part 2. There will be 4 parts of this series.

On this episode I talk with 3 amazing makers all of whom are working out of Everett at this time.

Jessica is all over the county covering everything to do, see, experience and more with her magazine “Live The SnoCo Life”
She is a Business Advocate and sheds light on the local successes out there. She is a fantastic photographer and writer and uses those to get beyond the pretty food on Instagram.
Go check out her Insta at
Live The Sno Co Life

Randy Morris can tinker!
Building the bicycle he couldn’t buy eventually became building the motorcycle he was able to piece together. The eye was able to see scrap and glass and combine into magnificent sculptures. There’s a bit of history in his pieces and he can relate it to “trench art” from the battlefields of WWII. The glass portions of the finished products are solar powered to light up, and it is nothing short of spectacular. I highly recommend checking out The Art Of Free Energy on Instagram.

Caleb Hirsch is a fellow podcaster.
Only Everything covers the Arts in Everett heavy on the music scene. His approach to open up the creativity portal is unique, he describes a technique used by Da Vinci to imagine the insane details and work out from there. He mentions that you can tell a lot about a town by the number of Alex’s call it home…
Only Everything Podcast

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