PopUp P3 GTJ 25

GTJ was invited to Wendy’s Eat Stay Love Sno Co Pop Up Gallery at the Fisherman’s Village Festival.
I had very little preparation and absolutely zero expectations going in. Well, I was floored! The moment I was set up the guests were lined up to talk. Comedians often refer to the club dates as “working out” as they are trying out new things and exploring how to properly deliver a message, I totally felt worked out after this event! ( I love that feeling BTW )
So here is the final part 3 of 3 parts of this series.

On this episode I talk with:

Ed Beeson and Ramona Grotte are legends in the Seattle Music scene. Ed has been promoting and assisting Musicians in the area for 40+ years. In 2013 he Created Gigs4U.org as a new and innovative way to give artists exposure. Ramona talks about finding talent and what instruments are paying bills for the musicians that can play them well.

Gigs4U.org website

If you’ve ever seen that epic photo of the guitarist of your favorite band in the perfect pose, with the perfect light, and from the perfect angle… Peter Dervin tells me about the quest for those shots. He has deep roots in this community being on-air for KSER for 18 years, and using his network has paid off! He is the house photographer for a few iconic venues in Seattle and Snohomish County. He talks about the first show with his camera, festivals, artists, and getting inserted into the Grateful Dead’s Anthology Album Art!

Peter Dervin Photography website

Michael Gardner is one hell of a Tattoo Artist. Honestly, that’s not fair. He’s a badass artist all around. He tells me how he sort of slowly became interested in the craft while in Tuscon learning the jewelry business. We chat about bad tattoos and the cover-ups to fix them, the importance of knowing (and liking) the person behind the needle, and the influence of reality T.V. Michael speaks a bit on the difference between a private studio versus a walk in store front.

Tattoo Garden website

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