GTJ 26 Clint Tannehill US Senate

Clint Tannehill grew up in a rough place just north of Spokane, he learned quickly how to evaluate competition and determine what value he has to offer to separate himself from the pack. I was blessed to pick his brain at the beginning of the campaign trail, we discuss Education, Public Health, Opioids, Cannabis, and plenty more. I love the relaxed atmosphere and candid conversation rarely heard on traditional media. There’s a spot in the conversation where you get to hear the click-PSSSHH of a seltzer can opening! I swear it’s seltzer on this one!
Join me on this fun conversation, you don’t have to agree with the ideas, but if you have anything to add, or argue, please email me! I look forward to hearing from you!
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The election is not until November, and there’s a chance I may get a follow up shot at asking deeper and more relevant questions. I have a Facebook group page that is where a few of the questions on this episode came from, Thanks Jeremy and Rudy! This is a great place to get those ideas in front of me during show prep!
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I want to thank Bradford Loomis for the use of “Across the Divide” heard on the intro.
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