Sarah Jay DreamNetsNorthWest

Sarah is a genuine star! Her work can be found on the Animal Planet series Tree House Masters. She’s such a free spirit yet is grounded through compassion and responsibility. We simultaneously podcast while watching our children (my 2 and her 2) play with the strangers! IMG-3334 Dream Nets has been a lifetime in the making, and with a blast of awesome publicity and amazing word of mouth, the dream is quickly becoming a major success! I was able to corner her after yet another successful bid a few miles from my home. These nets are horizontal dream catchers that are woven in the trees, they are a blast to play on, and are impossible to get children off of. IMG-3333 IMG-3332 We also discuss Skoolies. She is smack dab in the middle of one of my fantasy projects: converting a School bus into a tiny home on wheels! So I get to ask about the bus, the layout, the do’s and don’ts… basically trying to get a few lessons on mic so I don’t have to learn them the hard way 🙂 IMG-3330 The first time I was exposed to the DreamNets was at the Okanogan Family Faire in Tonasket. I went there last October with my family to check it out and I tried to connect with Sarah there… little did I know, she is kind of a big deal! Her walkie talkie kept pulling her away, so I got to spend more time hanging on the net with the little ones. (It was awesome!) IMG-3290 Enjoy the podcast, I know I did! & please check out those who are supporting this show: Latham Realty Unlimited 425.345.4920 The Stilly Diner in Arlington Live The SnoCo Life Magazine Bradford Loomis Music

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