Disturbing Secrets- Jack Ep34

Jack is diving deep into the rumor tank and following leads into a horrific world of power and control.

We discuss the rumor mill and the exposure of big names in Hollywood and on Capital Hill and the disgusting alleged acts they’ve been accused of. It’s one of those conversations where I wish was all bullshit, but then once aware, ya start seeing proof. Now am I sold 100% on all that was said, no, but there are definitely some incredible stories that now are on my radar. Think #Illuminati, #Skull&Bones, #Freemason, #Anonymous, #NWO, #NXIVM, etc.Don’t listen to any of my podcasts with your children in earshot, especially this one! Some of the topics we talk about give me nightmares.

The resources that Jack quotes in here are easily found through YouTube and any search engine:

Khazarian Mafia

Liz Crokin

Isaac Kappy



#pedo #qanon #maga #NXIVM #awakening #whitehats #humantrafficking #amkr #q #currency #goodtalkjosh

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