Right of Center with Kevin Weiser

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Kevin reached out to me a while back to see if I’d chat it up on his thoughts, ideas, and viewpoints. I was delighted to. These kinds of conversation are important to me. I love hearing and discussing stuff I am barely aware of and perhaps shielded from. The conversation takes a lot of twists and turns and I hope there is some value in it.
I learn a lot in these talks, sometimes it simply opens my awareness to what is out in the world. Good or bad or indifferent the take away is clear, after each chat I see or hear more about whatever is discussed. Check out the trailer for the new LION KING!


Kevin has started a T-shirt company. Freedom of the Press can be found on Facebook.

Latham Realty Unlimited is doing wonderful things in the Washington Market
Be sure to LIKE the page on Facebook page and watch the videos!

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