ioT talk with Adam Livesay

Adam flat out wowed me. I was a little bit interested in learning about the internet of things and how it can be used in business. I was able to connect with Adam Livesay, cofounder and CRO of Elevat. I had no idea how incredible and fascinating this sort-of unheard of technology could be.

From the farm tractors and harvesters to city sweepers and crosswalks, the industrial data revolution is changing efficiencies and allowing even the smaller operations to work smarter rather than harder.

Adam talks about how fortunate this company was in gathering the members who won’t settle and are constantly pushing the envelope. They’ve developed systems to allow systems improvements on huge machinery much like your smart phone gets! He also addresses a red flag that has not been widely talked about: this country is in danger of missing or at least falling far behind the next advancement in industrial revolution, China, Russia, and European countries have set out initiatives (much like Kennedy’s man on the moon & return goal) to dedicate and educate the work force towards a grand goal. What can we do to empower our workforce and innovators?

He shows me new (to me anyways) tools that avoid the painful reply all emails! Go get Slack now! We get a couple nostalgic laughs at tech not even 20 years old.

CAMPS was brought up as well. They have a program M2M, military to manufacturing, that is definitely on my radar now. Check out the CAMPS video

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