Holiday Artisan Fair

December 8, 2018
Monroe, Washington

Over 100 local artisans gathered at the Monroe Fairgrounds this weekend to exhibit the work and show off their craft. The event was planned, hosted, and organized by our own SnoCo Gal Jessica creator of Live The SnoCo Life Magazine. I was lucky enough to roam around and meet a lot of fascinating makers that showed up.

Although I met and visited with a bunch of people throughout the event, five vendors actually made it to the booth.

Matthew Buza has written a couple different collections of books. His work can be found at We chatted about the writers cooperative that brought a handful of authors to the show. We also discuss movies, audiobooks, and techie stuff… Kindred spirits and whatnot!

Michelle Bernath is the High Maintenance Redhead! She was blessing the crowd with her voice all day singing Christmas music and more. Her connection to music and the soul fulfillment it offers is spectacular. Have a laugh with us!

Shado Alpacas is a farm in Monroe raising, you guessed it, ALPACAS! Doanielle answers my totally immature questions about spitting and more. Like why alpaca, fiber grades, and dryer balls… be sure to tune in 😀.

Paula Pugh from Vivid Experience makes handmade wonderfully scented candles in Marysville. She reluctantly gave me the backstory and it will pull on your heartstrings. I accidentally uncovered some mishaps in the chemistry and was really touched by Paula’s kind soul. She even blessed me with a couple candles to take home and let me tell you, they are fabulous!

Coco Jewels was the booth right next to mine at the event, and Julie was watching the process all day. She’s a trooper because she admits the nerves were building.

I got to say that she explained coconut oil based beauty products better than expected because I understood, me, a forty year old dude that barely knows which lotion at home doesn’t have sparkles!!! Her story is great, creating an income after losing a job, and finding ways to help a loved one. The conversation was a perfect end to the fun-filled day.

Thank you SnoCo Gal for all the work you did to make this event possible!

Thank you Latham Realty Unlimited & The Stilly Diner for your continued support.

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