Small Business Revolution takes over Arlington

Ava was only here to get drunk. The watering hole she chose ( The Mirkwood & Shire) got overrun by local entrepreneurs and folks looking to get a spot on Amanda Brinkman’s show.

Amanda K. Brinkman hosts Small Business Revolution on Hulu and on which sets it’s sights on a small town to feature and help train and guide the proprietors that keep the wheels turning. The turnout was tremendous. Well, unless you were here for a few 7&7’s and forgetting the short time since New Year’s Eve!

Turns out that was a good thing, we needed the seats. It was standing room only for the relatively fast pep talk from Amanda. Plenty of selfies and a few on camera interviews did occur after the promo spots. I took one of those spots, at the bar, for a unique perspective. A band was on the schedule after the rally, they couldn’t set up due to the crowd.

The fact that Arlington has made it to the top 10 is pretty darn cool, moving it forward could be even more awesome. So go to Facebook and Instagram, follow smallbusinessrevolution, and hashtag #myArlington on everything you love about this town!

The buzz I witnessed tonight was awesome, people are pumped to be a part of this movement. With or without advancement, I know this town is something special. So please keep it up. Vote for everyone on Olympic Avenue by shopping and dining at the special places in our community. Celebrate with me, what a great place we live in!

If you are a business that wants to tell your origin story, or at least why you do what you do, get a hold of me and let’s set up a talk: email or message @goodtalkjosh on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram!

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