420 Comedy Night

Saturday, April 20, 2019

This Saturday was a holiday. The banks didn’t adjust hours, schools didn’t have half days leading up to it, it didn’t even get a nod in the grocery store fliers we get in the mail every Wednesday.

Nope, April 20th is an underground-ish holiday. Well it did get covered on the news, “Increased Patrols Looking For Impaired Drivers” was featured a bit.

-Quick Side Note-

Why not always patrol for impaired drivers and stay off the highways during rush hours!

-I digress-

The day has moved beyond a cult holiday, grandmas and church elders are just as aware of it as are the hippies and the hip hoppers. (hip hoppers is kind of funny ‘cause this 4/20 landed on Easter weekend) In the mood of celebrating the beloved plant that gives us CBD, THC, and LOL, the Historic Everett Theater held the stage for a unique comedy show.

Tyler Smith came up with the idea of bringing together a few comedians to do a set, all of which were hilarious, after they are through with their 15 minutes they enjoy the devil’s cabbage. On stage Tyler admits that a few of the comics consume on occasion, and a few don’t. It plays well.

I took Randy, the #allwaysworkingbudtender from PRC Arlington, and my raffle winners. First of all, I am an advocate and supporter of cannabis, not necessarily an avid consumer. When in Rome… I got higher than I ever remember being in my high school days. I strongly recommend listening to the advice of a seasoned professional budtender and smoke what they smoke if you want to dip your toes back into the water. We met up at my place and it turns out that it really is a small world after all! After a few moments of getting reacquainted we were on our way. Of course we get behind a black & white patrol car just as the clam started baking. My paranoia was on full effect for about three blocks. Then my head was trying to figure out how many conversations were going on in this car with only 4 people in it. Every time I contribute to the conversation I get inside my own head and wonder if what I said was stupid, or funny, or completely off topic. Oh good, more bud. Is it hot in here? Ooh look at that, a traffic jam, oh good more bud. I leaned in. no cough.

There was hardly anyone outside smoking before we went in, that to me was weird. I smell more smoke outside the library than I did outside the comedy show on four twenty??? So I suggested Bean & Vine to the group to grab a drink prior to walking in. Bean & Vine happens to be ran by an old school friend of mine and it is a cool spot on Hewitt to hang! It’s got the old building narrow walls feel and they are filling the walls with local artists work. Great beers on tap and an impressive menu! Ok I should be getting paid for this plug, I’ll shut up now. We had time for a beer and then decided to head up to the theater. The theater relies on volunteers to staff it, I gave the four tickets to the cold thin worn hands of an octogenarian lady, and the white bearded beaver hat clad bolo tie fella directed me to the bar. The bar lines inside were impressive, there was a drink in everyone’s hand. I should have gotten a couple more waters!

In all there were 4 comedians showcased and Tyler did an outstanding job hosting. Tyler filled the gap between sober and stoned show-casers with a great set, then the hilarity set in!

Local Comedian Cory Michaelis and import to the Seattle scene Mitch Burrow punched the audience in the gut. Tears were rolling, we all got pushed beyond our comfort zones and that’s the beauty of comedy.

The make-up of the audience was fascinating to me. Sitting right next to my party was a couple of ladies looking like it was prom night, we saw an elder couple that were really touchy feely pre show, I witnessed what I can only describe as Dana Carvey’s church lady character cracking up at vagina jokes… I was in awe. I ran into folks I’d expect to see, and a few that I wondered why they would support this kind of show! Regardless, they were out supporting art, and that my friends is awesome.

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