American Cremation

American Cremation is a family business right in our backyard. You most likely haven’t put a lot of thought into this business unless you’ve had to deal with loss, stress, and “the fog” of emotions after a loved one passes. Tari addresses the common questions and shares a few unique stories from her side of the service. She shares a few unique ideas of honoring your loved ones with glass, jewelry and more. I had never heard of comfort quilts before this conversation. I learned something new about the ferry system too! There are a few dos and don’ts while spreading ashes, make sure you take that part of our talk in in order to not ruin an already emotional experience. (800) 398-7101 is their phone number, and you will never get an answering machine or messaging service! Somebody with the business will answer any time of the day or night. Can you imagine talking to a machine in this situation? Tari also encourages you to shop around and find people you are comfortable dealing with. I doubt that you’ll find a more caring and understanding crew than ACCA, but I truly appreciate the businesses that encourage this. It reassures me that they are proud of their work and understands they won’t click with every customer. If you are intrigued by this conversation and would like to check out urns and more, I encourage you to check out the American Cremation Store Glass blown locally can include the ashes of your loved ones. Urns for every style and taste. Jewelry that will hold a small amount of remains. Shakers and water soluble containers for spreading ashes with minimal mishaps. The standard urn. Thank you Tari for the Good Talk.

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