10 Minute Walk-In Clinic Podcast GoodTalkJosh 51

Dale sat down with me at the Stilly Coffee House to discuss the first ever 10 Minute Walk-In Clinic. Early on in his adolescence, Dale knew he wanted to own the building down the street from his father’s bakery, a few years later it was his. Later the vision of a new building right when a person drives into town became the vision, sheer determination during a rough recession allowed this dream to manifest. Very early on in our conversation he reveals how much a great mindset allows success to fall into place. These successes in turn allow his family to contribute back to the community in interesting and innovative ways. Dale is active in the Rotary and shares with me other major contributors and how fortunate this community is to have businesses that care like we do. Generic medication vs. name brand comes up and Dale sheds light on the behind the scenes business end of this practice. It leads into a passionate conversation I found to be super educational. It’s a plot you’d expect in a mafia movie, or perhaps an episode of Black Mirror! Sports and D.O.T. physicals available without insurance! We cover Vaccines and the issues of anti-vaxxers. Thank you Dale for the GoodTalk! 10 Minute Walk-In Clinic Inside the Arlington Pharmacy 540 West Avenue Arlington, WA 98223 https://www.spreaker.com/user/10015427/dale-duskin-10minwalk-in-51

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