172nd Street Glass

More than just a head shop, 172nd Street Glass is paving the way to education, promotion, and innovation in the cannabis community. Jerry reached out to me after listening to the show and I’m sure glad he did!

We discuss CBD and what rules surround the sale of it. He is clearly educated and informed on all aspects of the different styles and uses of the oils, edibles, and yes even suppositories! It’s important to know what you’re getting and what else is out there.

Glassware is an art and there is important things to know before inhaling combustible material through it. Jerry walks me through the difference between a $20 pipe and a $3K piece of art you can smoke with also!

From exotic sodas and funky foreign potato chips to stash bags and stoner luggage, 172nd Street has something that will surprise you. The staff knows their stuff and it’s a pleasure walking in and learning.

172nd Street Glass website features product overviews and gallery photos.


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