Northwest Genealogy Conference

I met Michele at the Stillaguamish Genealogy Society to figure out what goes on!

We all see these tv commercials showing people getting all excited when a leaf appears, but how many of us actually do some research? Turns out, more than I thought!

You can dive into your back story and learn what struggles and successes came before your ancestors.

Next week is one of the largest genealogy conferences in the area and it’s hosted right here in our town!

In this conversation, Michele highlights some of the unique resources available at the center for newbies as well as seasoned experts. She was a wonderful tour guide through the many rooms and explained just how to dig in to the stories hidden in the archives.

Some of the war documents are so extremely interesting! I could picture a high budget documentary special on them!

The conference is August 14-17 which includes a free day Wednesday the 14th.

Stilly Genealogy website offers all the speakers information and how to get tickets. Some interesting DNA uses in the world of genealogy piqued my interest.

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