“Stay Home, Stay Safe”

April 5, 2020

For the most part, panic buying has subsided. A few items are still hard to find but the shelves are restocked at grocery stores. So many people aren’t working, Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu, Disney+, Pornhub, and YouTube are having banner quarters. Concerts online, painting instructions (the Hansen studios rocks!) and even some attempts at stand up comedy, not as good without the live audience. In fact, if you have a service online and are not offering a free trial during this, your an idiot! Carole Fuckin’ Baskins.

It seems everyone is doing one of two things: streaming content online, or going outside to public parks.

This morning I saw a few pictures of several hot spots around the beautiful PNW. Popular hiking spots are packed, Deception Pass Lookout is packed, I personally saw the most vehicles parked at every Centennial trailhead I have ever witnessed. Yes, I was on the trail too, I’m not pointing fingers. Social distancing is mostly being followed on trail. (KEEP YOUR DOG ON A LEASH & CARRY HOME THE POOP!) But I started realizing why Fish & Wildlife has banned activities during this order.

How many licenses are sold to people who only go fishing once or twice a year? The annual tent camping trip, the opening day rally, “there’s a derby? Hell, Phil’s boat is always a party, count me in!” If the beaches, docks, boat launches, or riverbanks look anything like the parks, we’d likely over fish the waters and maybe a few people might get ill. The point is, free time like we’re experiencing is unprecedented. If angling caught on like the Tiger King did, your honey hole would be crowded, someone would post a lunker on instagram and we’d have another rush on tackle.

So, at first I was pissed also, but I see the bigger picture. I do want to fish, I’d like to take a road trip to that little sweet spot I discovered years ago in a county that has significantly less COVID cases than my Snohomish County home has, buy bait and burgers from their local grab and go spot, and post a beautiful pic for my friends watching season 3 of Ozark.

But there’s going to be a better time for that, soon I hope.

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