Lock down day: idk

Dear diary,

I pulled down my iPhone screen to find out it’s Friday. The Endless Summer continues. This week I missed putting out the garbage cans on time. Second time in two months.

Back to the iPhone. The software updated, I have now turned off all location settings. Every app asks me to turn it on now, what the hell information have we been giving poker games and candy crush all this time? On the bright side, newly updated facial scanner recognizes me with a mask on, also a handful of Tim’s Cascade Salt & Vinegar, popcorn, or anything else I happen to stuff my mouth with. It also recognizes me with sunglasses on, what the hell is it looking at?

I’m worried. Worried for business owners in the nonessential world. I truly believe small shops can accommodate the public at the same level Dollar Tree and Target are. I worry about voicing my opinion on the only available places to be “social” because I might be labeled as radical, I’m sick of people saying “the science” when the science changes with every study.

I tried arguing points online in a couple different forums. Text is so bad at this. You read your own projections of the other debater and assume either they think you’re an idiot, or they are an idiot. So I decided a few days ago to treat the platforms like I do the news, tune out.

Dad life is so much more rewarding. Hit up some hiking trails, bicycle trails, jumped in the wading pool and got a little sun burnt. Looking at the stars and answering questions is a lot more rewarding. I learned that there’s a cool theory about black holes: they might condense matter to the point of critical mass, once that is reached, BOOM! A new Big Bang. 🤯

My son showed a little interest in space. I went overboard with documentaries and found myself getting caught going down rabbit holes. Started thinking about dark matter, how our solar system looks like a bicycle gear, and wondering if there’s intelligent life in our gut bacteria that looks at us as their ever expanding universe. Time to put the Netflix down Josh!

I roasted S’Mores over a backyard fire twice this week. We watched Robin’s feed new baby birds in the nest, and walked up on a deer and a bunny in the woods. Actually, I’m teetering on the fence about bunnies. We have so many bunnies!

I used to commute. Really dumb distances. There were times when I would have to drive 2 hours to attend a 90 minute meeting and then face 2+hour return drive. Because of that commute though, I’d listen to a book a week and kept up on quite a few podcasts too. This year I’m down on book consumption, big time. The last couple days I have tried to do stuff around the house with an earbud in, it’s just not the same.

I would love a haircut. A haircut and a back massage. How weird is that wish? I just have a kink in my back that rolling on a ball almost works it out but I know that a pro could do magic in 60-90 minutes of therapy. As for my hair, well, you’re all in the same boat!

I’m really fortunate. These are my troubles, my obvious areas of gratitude, and my thoughts. How great a life to have these nagging issues. Could things improve? Of course, but we have time to make those goals and adjustments. Others have way more troubles, way more pressing issues. Others have it better, there’s always greener grass somewhere, but man, I sure am happy living in the exact spot I created for myself and my family.

What are you grateful for?

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