Red light

I wasn’t even hungry. Driving from location to location is my job. I’m on the road a lot, and I love it. Every once in a while something catches my attention and won’t let go.

The typical lunch hour is still far off, maybe breakfast is over, but it’s still feeling like morning. Some days my pursuit of food strikes this early, but on this day I felt no pull.

As I was navigating through the winding neighborhood between stops, I noticed the sandwich artist opening up shop. Side note: are they still called sandwich artists? I guess the reason I noticed was it was the only movement happening while I was stuck at a red light. I mean the only movement. There were no cars using the green light perpendicular to me, no mom’s pushing a stroller, no dogs pissing on flower beds, nothing. Yet here I am, stopped at the light.

The open sign lit up, the front door propped wide open. I watch the guy run back out to a vehicle. Must’ve been his, he clicked the key fob, the signals flashed and he popped into the driver’s seat leaving his left foot hanging out on the curb. This is one cool cat. Opening duties are done!

My window is open. I had to roll it down earlier because it was a cold morning and I had the defrost set to high temperature and high fan speed. By mid morning it was too much, my sedan was a dry sauna.

From behind the tinted glass of the driver’s side door I saw the cloud. The scene is not unusual, the kids these days and the vape stuff, am I right? I didn’t smell cotton candy. I didn’t smell the minty fresh equivalent of Axe Body spray of the smokers world. No, I know that smell. This kid is getting his mind right. That smell is distinct.

The light turned green, I drove the few blocks to my next stop.

I did my job, but that image stuck with me. That kid is going to have a great freaking day. He got to work, did all his prep work, opened the door and got his pleasant mood on.

Now I’m hungry, and I want a foot long!

Pro Tip: if you get the opportunity to have a stoned artist make your sandwich, take advantage. Like a lot of great artists throughout time, this guy found his craft and became inspired to transform lunch into a masterpiece. It wasn’t exactly what I ordered but sometimes ya gotta trust the professional.

My hope is that the art is appreciated during their lifetime, it is such a bummer to see other artists only get noticed after time has expired for them.

Cheers Sandwich Dude, thanks for leaving off the cucumbers.

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