Crooked Iron ‘22

Crooked Iron 2022

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Welcome to the Second annual 21st inaugural Crooked Iron expeditional invitational. Just like Tom Brady, our adjectives don’t know when to quit…

Our family thanks you for participating in our annual Crooked Iron Golf Tournament!

Normally this is where we say something like “hope y’all have as much fun as we do” but this year, well this year it’s serious. Last year 21 of 44 players took home first place prizes. That is simply not sustainable, you know: supply chain issues and all. This year our goal is to grow the participation trophy recipients by whatever the market dictates. We are still figuring what market and all the important mumbo jumbo stuff behind that statement.

Back to the serious. Register here!

A few things you should know:

The date of the tourney is Saturday, June 25rd, and the tee times start at *8:00, last tee time at 9:20. The entry fee is $25. How many times did you read that date? If more than 3 you qualify for Beau’s team.

It would help us out greatly if you could rate your game on the following scale:

1- I know or have known my handicap in the last 12 months

2- put me in coach

3- I watched a YouTube on chipping

4- I watched Caddyshack to train / or played Golden Tee

5- I just googled handicap

We try to take a group tournament picture every year, but we have yet to do it, so….

Tourney picture on the first tee, so please arrive early (this didn’t happen last year, or the year before, or the year before that, and probably won’t this year, but it’s the thought that counts, right! Anyone know a photographer willing to take on this challenge for a dinner and a laugh? Or perhaps we start a selfie hashbrown on Twitter? Ducking autocorrect.

This is a scramble, everyone hits, choose the shot you want to use, and go from there, or within 1 club length (no limits on the direction of the one club length and you can improve your position, and just six inches on putts)

Keep in mind:

Each player needs a drive on each 9.

2 KP’s for Women and Men

2 Long Drives for W&M

A 2nd shot KP for W&M

There will again be an accuracy hole. A crooked line on one hole, closest to the line wins, mark your shot with a scorecard.

On KPs, LDs, THCs and LSDs: everyone hits! You can use your ball for the contest and the team can play another for counting players drives.

Hole #8 has food, beverages, etc. TO GO! (try to keep the pace.)

There will be some surprise prizes, because there’s always surprises!

Team leaders, you will select special awards, please note significant achievements of your team, for the best shot that holes out, an awesome putt, great drive you didn’t expect, stuff like that, keep that in mind, the team leaders will decide! Also, NEW RULE: All folks who hit “Holes in One”, must pool together and provide shots (alcohol not ammo. We learned THAT lesson the hard way) for all folks at the party after the tourney.

Dinner will be served at our house afterwards! Non playing Family and Friends are welcome and encouraged to participate!

The course will be very busy. In the spirit of faster pace, please don’t spend time looking for balls in the crap, unless of course, your whole team hits into the crap. Each team will have a bag of balls to help facilitate this. Try to keep up with the group in front of you.

I’m attaching a roster of who we have so far, if you know of anyone playing that is not on the list, please let me know. If you see someone on the list that is not or may not be playing, let me know that as well!

Please stop by Friday if you’re around!

Have fun! If your arriving earlier and want to golf, please secure a tee time, the course is in excellent condition and has been pretty busy. As of today, there are no rooms available at the motel, but that could change. The Motel and Pro Shop # is 509-923-2359. We really don’t  have space for an RV right now, there are 7 Fords parked in the driveway, but, if you’re bringing one, let us know, we’ll figure it out. The State Park is open for camping at the moment, check with the governor to confirm.

*(we’re not sure how many years of the tourney this is, if anyone knows, we’ll take your word for it!)

Register Here!

Crooked Iron tentative roster

The * are folks I don’t have phone #s for, so if you can pass this along that’d be great.

•Dave Minnick

•Dale Minnick





•Dex *



Tom *

•Mike McKervey







•Tim Salberg







Shane K

Rick Waller

•Brian Findley

•Ryan Burk



Tim Rhoades







Brian Petrie



Jim (Chris’s father in law)

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