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Waste MisManagement

The garbage man got more than he bargained for yesterday morning. He had to see the most worn out nasty thread bare underwear I own. Not because I threw them away, nooo. Instead because I heard the truck at the neighbors house and I had not put out our cans last night. Like a ninja I jumped out of bed without shaking the crib enough to wake the baby, flew out the bedroom only stepping on one dog (just her ear and part of her hind leg) I flagged down… Read more Waste MisManagement

A little funny

What is the statute of limitations on being an A-hole? Years ago, when Jodi and I were on our yearlong engagement, we were out doing engaged people things. We got her ring sized, planned some future, and ended up waiting for a table at Cristiano’s. The best Italian restaurant in town usually has a good wait period. I have a sense of humor that is not particularly appropriate at times, and there was a little person waddling out of the dining area towards the bathroom. Remember in like 5th grade… Read more A little funny