GTJ 19 Britni

Britni is one of the founders of PNW Farmtables. They handcraft furniture specializing in tables (hence the name) We discuss the world in which you can train yourself through Youtube, and the journey from a 9-5 to jumping into your own slice of the pie. She talks about homesteading and beforehand the struggles of working […]

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So You’re Two Now

Hattie turns two years old today. She’s such a ham. She’s both independent and nurturing. She loves keeping up with her older brother and can take him down from a neutral position most of the time. She cares for her dolls, she scoots on the Pooh scooter, she has a deep laugh and she pats […]

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It’s Not The Flu

I’m preparing. I’ve only eaten soft foods today, and I’m hydrating like I’m about to run a marathon in Death Valley. But let’s back up a week or so… I took a week off of work last week. Our family (a 3 year old son, almost 2 year old daughter, and my wife) used this […]

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GTJ 17 Kris Cantrell

  Kris form Cantrell Outdoors comes over and tells a few hunting stories! He started a long range rifle company with ZERO formal training! We get to know more about the hunts, the meats, and trouble with the TSA (not what you’re thinking!) Cantrell Outdoors is where you can take a tour of the rifle of […]

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GTJ 16 Mark Matteson

Mark Matteson is an inspiring speaker and the author of the international bestseller, Freedom from Fear. For over 20 years, Mark’s positive humor and peak-performance tools have impacted organizations around the globe, igniting personal and professional success for tens of thousands of people. He was gracious enough to meet me halfway between offices at a […]

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