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GTJ 26 Clint Tannehill US Senate

Clint sits down for a candid conversation on the GoodTalkJosh podcast. They talk about ways to update education, building for the future, and hot buttons in Washington’s economy.
GoodTalkJosh is a popular podcast put out by Josh Minnick from Arlington Washington.

GTJ 22 Tracy – MountainViews BB

Tracy runs MountainViews BB out of Monroe WA. I found her on Instagram and just before I went out to get her story, Binglefest was announced on the comedian Eddie Ifft’s social media. We get into that, in a treehouse, clam baked. This was recorded in February but I held its release until I was sure I could pass a piss test if needed! This was a trip, and I am such a square! Once the mics were off I was asked if I’m a NARC, no joke! I assured… Read more GTJ 22 Tracy – MountainViews BB

Looking Back… Old Guy Thoughts

I bend the bill of my hat. I cringe at the thought of foil on my molars. I have built forts where there are now apartments. I remember getting birthday cards in the mailbox. I picked out Batman underoos from K-Mart. The cape Velcro lasted two wears, after that it was safety pinned. I drank that weird soda with floating gelatin balls in it. One year, on Christmas, I unwrapped a vcr. Which meant we didn’t have to borrow the suitcase sized one from the video store. I still owe… Read more Looking Back… Old Guy Thoughts