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GTJ 18 Jason SanJuanCigars

Jason Farr was a gymnastic coach just a few months ago. A local dive bar and an inspired student changed his life! Join me on the discovery of a new passion that was discovered by chance! Let’s discover celebrity networking, and then compare circumference… of tobacco you pervert! We reveal the learning process of infusion of whiskey and Wine… The content is great, I apologize deeply to Jason for the quality of the audio. Let’s make it up soon! March 3rd at Whitewall Brewery Jason will be showing off his… Read more GTJ 18 Jason SanJuanCigars

GTJ 15 Rudy Giecek

Rudy hosts a number of podcasts, owns his distribution company, and spins a few other plates as well. The Cascade Hiker Podcast is one of the top Hiking podcasts out there, he gets people from all over the world on it and thousands upon thousands of downloads.