Oh Say Can You See

I recently wrote about how proud I was when my 3 year old stood with me, in front of the tv, for our national anthem.  Today, in Nashville, neither NFL team left the locker room for the pregame ceremony. 

I’m saddened. It’s disappointing. 

This country is far from perfect, we have our issues and differences today as well as we’ve had all along our short 241 year history.  There’s only been one day in my life that this country was truly “united” and that was September 11, 2001.

So does it take disaster? Tragedy? One singular point of focused hatred to get us talking the same language?

I’d rather see the tradition of the anthem taken out of corporate professional sports than see it disgraced every week. 

I’d like to see the players, who feel so strongly about their cause, pool together resources to produce a commercial, or documentary that highlights the concerns they are silently trying to portray. Start a legal fund to defend innocent victims. Hire free lance reporters to document wrong doings. Get Netflix or Amazon behind it. 

I would watch that, hell I might get behind some of the stories! But instead, I get Bennett’s BS casino tale that dilutes any cause it attaches itself to. Damn, he used to be one of my favorite interviews to watch too. 

I believe injustices need to be eradicated, but flag burning wasn’t the best way to get the audience in the past, and the fiasco with the anthem today is our equivalent. Find the right voice for the movement, and let them speak. Get one good conversation on a roll to move the chains. 

Meanwhile, I’m still teaching my kids respect. We stand in our house, we have a lot to be grateful for. 


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  1. You have perfectly stated my pledge of allegiance to the flag one nation, we all need to know we can have our beliefs protected by our flag,which represents our personal beliefs, so please America and NFL give honor to that freedom in which People have sacrificed there lives and families, be proud to be an American


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