Hot Coffee, Hotter Debate

This topic is heating up again. I think this would make a fantastic podcast discussion.

Instagram photo: @kikigoesmeowww

Who can connect me with with a barista or two? I am also interested in talking to a regular customer.

What kind of money are you bringing in?

What are the majority customers like? What’s the worst?

What kind of freedom do you enjoy because of these tips?

What the hell is an anal cleft?

Seattle Times : Everett Bikini Barista

What other businesses would succeed using this model? Car sales? Gallo wines? Double D dry cleaning?

Seriously, I want to hear anecdotal stories about the stand workers. So please share this request until this conversation manifests itself!

Are you a barista?

The response I’ve received is overwhelming. I was going to interview a couple baristas to get a few good stories, but I’ve been touched by some of the things I’ve heard. You all lead incredible and courageous lives! I created a quick survey to get more of your stories into mine. It’s as anonymous as you want it to be, but please, if you have a story that isn’t covered… add an email or a phone #. I want to add your special moments!

I’m hoping to compile a bunch of stories, so please share with anyone who would also participate! Thank you a billion!

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