Is your refrigerator running?

Is your refrigerator running? 

A while back I wrote a story about my wife and I searching for a dinner table at second hand stores Weird Date Night. The amazing response was that within a week, 4 people got in touch with me offering up their table and chairs that they were looking to either downsize or donate. I joked that my next story would be about our search for the winning poweball ticket!

I decided not to aim that high. 

Instead I’m looking for advice and/or direction. I’ve been trying to run for fitness and health reasons, and really love it. I meet amazing people, I hear tremendous stories, the reasons people participate in 5Ks 10Ks and so on are inspirational.  
My issue is knee pain. At roughly 1.5 – 2.5 miles into a run, my right knee kills. It’s not shooting pain, it feels like every time my foot lands, someone kicks the outside of my knee. Like the “Sweep the leg” scene in Karate Kid. I can usually run through it but recently got advice that I shouldn’t. If your body is telling you it hurts it’s because you are doing it wrong. Other people have said it’s most likely shoe related. 

I’ve tried about 4 different shoes so far. I did notice that the Reebok pair I’ve had for ages but never really used got me further than my specific running shoes. I have tried Asics, addidas, sketchers, and under armor. My question is for all the more experienced runners out there is how do you find the right shoe for you? It’s pretty expensive to buy the wrong shoe over and over. Where can you try out shoes? 

Does anyone need a humorist writer to recall trail stories in exchange for shoe trials??? if you know a guy!

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  1. Just run to the store, or run down to Walmart, you can even run around the block…I suggest using a Chevy Impala. Almost any shoe works for that, I mean, flip flops, penny loafers, hiking boots, um, stay away from snowshoes. Just saying!


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